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About Us

Thank you for taking time to read our blog! We are Jeff & Kristen Wells, two avid travelers with a love of real estate. We own and operate a real estate management company, Wells Property Group, but in our free time, we love to travel, and really just discover new places, cultures, foods and more. In our travels, we always find ourselves pricing (and sometimes buying) real estate and sharing our discoveries with others, so after some nudging, we decided to share our findings on this blog. 


Every adventure broadens our horizons and way of thinking, something we feel is so important in the world we live in today. 


We hope our journeys inspire your own travels, and who knows, you may discover a whole new part of the world that suits you better than where you are today!


So, stop putting off that trip you’ve always wanted to take.  Don’t choose to just exist, get out there and LIVE! There are so many eye-opening and undiscovered things beyond your back door.  -Jeff & Kristen









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